Stop foreclosure

If the bank is threatening you to abandon your home, probably you haven't paid your mortgage in many months. Possibly you were a victim of a loan modification that you didn't understand and were promised something that was not completed in time and you've arrived in this situation.


The foreclosure process has many levels, beginning with the judge giving the order to start the foreclosure process and when you need to appear in court. During these initial court dates, there's time where you can act and stop the process, and solve the situation where all parties will benefit.


John and Mary, after not having paid their mortgage for 9 months, was told by the bank to leave the house and turn in their keys, which legally is possible, only with authorization of the home owner, because without this authorization, the bank can not do anything until the court decides and this gives the homeowner legal time to make some decisions.

Please fill out the form below, so we can legally inform you with one of our lawyers completely free. Someone will contact you to discuss your situation, and will advise you what to do and what to say when you need to appear in court. This simple step could reverse the process in your favor.

Caso real mujer va a la corte e intenta parar el foreclosure, hablando con el Juez


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