Chalet Venta - sierra, SPAIN

Spain Madrid Guadarrama

Precio actual: US$3,600,000

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Exterior: Ladrillo/ Madera


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Alpedrete, Guadarrama, Collado Mediano and other localities placed in the Guadarrama´s mountain range of Madrid are zones of long residential tradition, used by the persons from Madrid not only as destination of weekends and vacations, if not also for those that want to live in a major contact with the nature, without resigning services of quality and rapid communications with the capital. In the first one of the mentioned localities, in a small urbanization, in the same edges of the Nature reserve of the Guadarrama, one finds this splendid property that I present and propose you in the present article. On a plot of 11.145 m2, that develops in soft slope crossed by a stream with abundant wealth in rainy epochs and of thaw, we find a haughty housing of four floors, with a surface constructed of 1.300 m2, if we rely on that of both circular pavilions placed in one of it´s side, functions one of quarter (boiler) room and other one of spit ( wood oven) and barbecue, designed with clear influences of the typical Argentine \"quinchos\". The first floor is notably raised on the area in order to facilitate that the floor semibasement enjoys abundant light and ventilation natives. The trace of the chalet is strongly influenced by the Alpine constructions of Switzerland and of the Austrian Tirol. With cover of fallen due to two waters covered with black slate, walls in big pieces of slate polycolor oxidized (filita) and integral utilization of Rumanian massive oak in interior carpentry, soils and interior covers. Sloping suspenders of identical steel of dark unload the lateral efforts of the cover of lateral form, achieving that the interior surface of the floors is practically diaphanous, with column absence of support. In the diverse pictures of this page we can contemplate the house from different points of view. In placed on these lines we emphasize the big large windows of type \"velux\" that give light to the top floors. In the low floors, the exterior carpentry is realized in profiles of aluminium color gilding - bronze with glassware climalit. A clear sign of identity of the house are the four big placed balconies - terraces so much in the front with south orientation as in the slope on the north, from that conference are spied a few extraordinary on the Nature reserve of the Guadarrama, with the saw in the bottom. The distribution of the housing, for floors, is as it continues: Porch of entry, to which one accedes at the end of a great stair of access, from we go on to the ground floor that, in opened, defines a zone of transition - with chimney of slate-and from the one that starts the interior stairs, great dining room - with capacity of more than 12 retainers - and a fantastic kitchen with its pantry and dumbwaiter. From the side of this floor, opposite to the dining room us one is leading to each of four suites with which it counts the housing, all of them of big dimensions and that by means of independent stairs have in the top floor of living-rooms and of work, on which then we will comment. On these lines it comes out in photographs of the porch of entry that allows us to observe closely the quality of the stone of slate(filite) used in the walls of the housing. The hall, to the left stairs dining room and kitchen and I go on to the top floor, to the bottom to the zone of suites. A spectacular fireplace-chimney marks limits between the hall, the zone of the dining room and the zone of access to the suites. A sight of the dining room, flooded by the light that comes to him across the big large windows, large windows that allow us to see the fresnedal(It´s a kind of tree) that surrounds partially the house. A sight in depth of the kitchen. The door that we can see to the left of the photography gives us the second exit on the outside, from the same characteristics to the principal already commented entry. The kitchen in a capture from the opposite side. To the bottom the dining room. The lounge of the first floor. In the right side, according to the photography, they go the doors of the zones being opened of being and work with which each of the suites are provided. All of them communicate also with their corresponding bedrooms - in the low floor - of individual form by means of interior stairs realized in steel and wood. The take-off of the section of stairs that leads from the first floor the second one, garret and under cover. In one of the ends of the first floor we find this agreeable lounge, with exit to one of the terraces from which conference are had privileged on the sotosierra, with the sight of Guadarrama to the bottom. The second floor, under cover and garret, is full of personality, with both ends occupied entirely by big windows. Totally diaphanous it allows to the being to distribute and to define numerous spaces and environments according to the tastes and needs of the owners. For major comfort this floor has it´s own bathroom. The haughty cover is realized – since already it has remained above mentioned - in massive wood of Rumanian oak. The big dimensions of the suites do difficultly to define one of them as principal. In the photography we have the bedroom that the current owners have destined to such an effect. Sight of other one of the bedrooms. In the top right angle we can see partially the stairs that us takes room to his correspondent of study is, with entered also across the distributor of the second floor. The semibasement floor is totally diaphanous what it allows – as in the totality of the housing, since this one is one of its more significant characteristics - a distribution to the total taste of their occupants. In its center, a great fireplace of slate, element that also we have found of repeated form. This floor completes with a room of service, room workshop and other auxiliary spaces. Since already we have commented on the housing it complements itself with both circular pavilions that we can contemplate in the photography placed on these lines. That of the left side is destined for quarter of facilities and shelters the gas boiler that gives the wealth necessary for the heating - across slant of radiant pipelines under the soil of all the floors - and the warm sanitary water. Equally, and with independent door, a fourth spacious lumber room. A splendid sight of the saw of Madrid, taken from the terrace of the first floor. In the plot - preserved of absolutely natural form - besides the numerous specimens of already commented brakes we find centenary oaks, pines and numerous natural proper specimens of a typology of coppice. The second pavilion is destined for spit - barbecue, following the classic tradition of the Argentine \"quinchos\". The quincho is in same an expansion of the house; it is the continuation in the exterior of the interior stays, the ideal place for the game, the playtime, meetings among friends and a good roast. Contact info USA Santiago Sanchez (773) 732-3100 Chicago